C20, Hi-Fi Speaker from KEF.

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Djloziks 02/04/2007

KEF C20 : Djloziks's user review


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_J'utilise These speakers for almost a year (June 2006)

_The Feature I like most is that for such a small size, the speaker sounds great! (I searched the internet and I am not alone in thinking (see the third post seulkyom (

_I Have not tried other models before these enceitnes because they are pregnant that you gave me and I used it primarily for sound with small-evenings with friends (the speaker is 100WRMS 8 Ohms ...)

_I Think it's a very good product, but with today's hi-fi products that evolve quickly and well, I do not know if this model C20 is a good reference today. But in any case it is a very good speaker, especially for its size, and I saw they were selling on Ebay also at a price of 120 € for two (I think).

_I Will not buy anything because I am fully satisfied with these speakers.