Klipsch RF-63
Klipsch RF-63

RF-63, Hi-Fi Speaker from Klipsch.

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Eloïse-MBo 09/28/2008

Klipsch RF-63 : Eloïse-MBo's user review


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Bought new a year ago about this pair of speakers complete my system HC & HiFi. It is characterized by a very fine line and deep. Covered with real wood I found in good order. We will attempt to move the front grille to show the beautiful medium low of 6''. The tweeter horn, signature of the brand is protected by a metal grid. Its main feature is the very high performance for this type of speaker 99 dB / 2.83 V (8 ohms) what are the benefits? A reserve incredible power to pass without distortion transients to higher levels and / or the ability to use smaller power amplifiers such as tube amps. Listening to the medium is particularly acute clear whether in classical music or the latest dance. The spitting of tweeters is limited unlike his brother found in the RF-82 for example. The bass is very dry which can give the impression of a reduced level compared to other models. The addition of an extra bass will only be necessary in the case of very large rooms or on your personal taste. In this price range, there are brands that sound better but without the high yield. Finally I recommend them if you preferred to use HC HiFi is of course a personal opinion and also depends on the style of music listening! I am considering the purchase of B & W 802, the RF-63 would be demoted to the rank of front speakers to round. I find it interesting to mix the tones of the speakers do not recommend that the purists.