Triangle Athys 108
Triangle Athys 108

Athys 108, Hi-Fi Speaker from Triangle.

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GervaisG 07/05/2006

Triangle Athys 108 : GervaisG's user review


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I bought these speakers there is a little less than 3 years to replace the Audio Reference. They are pregnant columns 97cm high, 3 speakers / 3-way bass reflex, imitation cherry finish, for single-terminal cblage of quality and peak dcouplage provided.

What I liked the sound of these speakers is the musical and dynamic. They are never the trouble to reproduce the music no matter what you gots (classical, jazz, rock Varita). Lovers of percussion trs certainly fall in love by listening to their favorite records. Each wand comes out with many vital. However, fans of bass could be due drums'n: these speakers produce no sound extreme severe (below ground in the 1st octave). However, the refund is extremely grave tidy, has does not bleed. The free string of attacks bassist agree.
Before buying this pair of speakers, I compared it with many other models. Some models taient trs good for the classic, but short of Contents for jazz and rock: Chario Syntar 200T, Rega Alya. Some have seemed too clinical, with a sound analytical and cold (B & W 603S, Klipsch SF-1, Mordaunt-Short 904), others seemed to me to have a return less prcise (Dantax Opus 204, Davis Axel 5, Horus Elipson 3). Some have AVRS MODELS versatile prcis and music while having small default that made me prfrer the Triangle Athys: Advance Acoustic MA11 Pro, JMLab Chorus 714 and 725 , Triangle Zerius 202. Only one pair of PE Lon Classic REFERENCE adpass in my estimation the Triangle Athys, but I could no costs because it is no longer in the same price range (almost three times more CHRE!).
The choice of a pair of speakers is also a matter of taste. In fact, I failed to mention the JM and Raynaud Arpegione Twin, trs qualitatively good, but I do not like the Aesthetics Audible. It should cost before making his choice, with its hardware preferences for all the associations are not happy.
That's what I did and I am sharing with you, but this can not be taken as an absolute qualitative ranking.
His report quality-price seemed right, since I chose this MODEL among many other models tested in the same price range (600 1000 euros).