Denon DM-33
Denon DM-33

DM-33, Hi-Fi Stereo from Denon.

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Microphil 08/23/2005

Denon DM-33 : Microphil's user review


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I use it for about a month. This is the replaceable DM 31. This dernire suffered from its relative mdiocrit pregnant. Besides, this way, retailers audiophiles, the real, often offered other forums to fully exploit the capabilities of the amp.

For the DM33 no problem, since the speakers are dveloppes, priori, by BW. In any case it sounded perfectly in both acute, severe, serious trs Similarly, the mdium, voices, instruments, etc. ....
It is stirring and given the space it rclame for installation ... In addition it Integrates seamlessly into a library (I do)
Small snag, the connection of the speakers would MRIT at least one banana plug .... but you think about having more lights APRS
I cost of other sets, I moult research and my faith, I always returned it.
I referrer the same choice simply because it matches my expectation of Contents COST simply. My ear it does well and electro music that I "made" going very well.
Report quality unbeatable price. It is a product vritablement audiophile and even (MP3 and WMA 9)