Bosphorus Versa Hi-Hat 14"
Bosphorus Versa Hi-Hat 14"

Versa Hi-Hat 14", Hi-Hat from Bosphorus in the Versa series.

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Pucelle_Dabidjan 11/02/2006

Bosphorus Versa Hi-Hat 14" : Pucelle_Dabidjan's user review


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I was looking for material for my drummer, who renews its fleet right now, when I came across this charley.

He immediately jumped to the ears (and my companions as well) as being much better than other hi-hats I've tried that day. Crisp and clean closed, opened with a beautiful melody sustain well controlled. It is expressed in the bass and midrange so melodious without excess treble without deficiency in the latter area.

It seems that this is the signature series of a guy named Ignacio Berroa and it is jazz, but you can easily cover all styles and crossover fusion. Even the good old rock well with us before or heavy metal and pop (you can say it is very versa tile ...) pass without flinching. Take note however, that his signature sound more focused in the lower midrange need to build a set to keep an unusual consistency. I found the price / performance ratio of the first order.

[8] as the cymbal in note 10 does not exist

Note [5] is the average home