Istanbul Agop Xist Brilliant Hi-Hats 14"
Istanbul Agop Xist Brilliant Hi-Hats 14"

Xist Brilliant Hi-Hats 14", Hi-Hat from Istanbul Agop in the Xist series.

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karmanu 06/18/2014

Istanbul Agop Xist Brilliant Hi-Hats 14" : karmanu's user review

«  Excellent charley »

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Value For Money : Excellent
ISTANBUL charley AGOP XSIST (brilliant finish) is one great charley, I wanted one compromise between Zildjian avedis new beat and 1 A custom (my 2 previous Charley) and it is something made with this model!
I already describe you (or try) 2 Charley mentioned above.
The new beat is a charley character, powerful, see wild semi open mode! It is very accurate and versatile closed with one great sounding fashion! It has a nice "crisp" but of XSIST is much more friendly to my taste! !
The A custom is also very accurate, less "crispy", "flatter", matt and serious but with a more modern and articulated definition! The bell sound does not really spring.
The XSIST ISTANBUL is as I mentioned a compromise between the two, for me it is perfectly balanced, the bell sound is excellent and the "crisp" wonderful and especially warm! should not also forget that the series is XSIST B 20! The best value for me in unprecedented cymbals! ! A highly recommended!