Sabian AA Rock Hats 14''
Sabian AA Rock Hats 14''

AA Rock Hats 14'', Hi-Hat from Sabian in the AA series.

FateFelledVictim 09/16/2008

Sabian AA Rock Hats 14'' : FateFelledVictim's user review


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These were my very first Sabian cymbals to ever have gone in my set up, and they will probably be the last. I have used many Zildjian and Paiste’s before trying this model, and they weren’t the worst cymbals ever, but they rang too much. I used them for about 5 months and that’s about the time I decided to sell them. I practice 3 hours a day, and these were pretty well aged, as I got them used with no damage at all, and they gave a very penetrating chick and closed sound, but the result of an open hit could make your ears bleed. I lay them with my Gretsch Catalina Maple set and the hats would dull out all of the grooves and beats. Due to the heaviness of both the top and bottom cymbals, the cymbals had a tinny sound, which wasn’t resolved by closing them a little. The closed sound is phenomenal, and in short bursts the open sound is alright , but once you leave slightly open and hit them for a measure the overtones begin to mix and sound like garbage. Putting the sound aside, these cymbals look really good. They have a nice traditional finish to them, keeping the natural cymbal look. They are also very durable due to their thickness., you could bang on these for hours and they probably wouldn’t wear out. These strengths, however, also are the place of fault in these cymbals. They are clingy and are just too heavy overall, much like the Dynobeats by Zildjian. For the price, I would go with some of the Zildjian New Beats or Mastersounds, or if you’re a Sabian fan, the AAX or HHX cymbals, as they are much better, of course I may have just gotten a bad set. I would still choose a different set of hats for almost any player.