Sabian HHX X-Celerator Hats 15''
Sabian HHX X-Celerator Hats 15''

HHX X-Celerator Hats 15'', Hi-Hat from Sabian in the HHX series.

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moosers 02/01/2011

Sabian HHX X-Celerator Hats 15'' : moosers's user review


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The Sabian HHX X-Celerator are a set of hi hat cymbals for your drum kit. These cymbals come in a few different sizes, including 12”, 14”, and 15”, but the version I’ve used is the 15” hi hats and I don’t know how they compare to the smaller models. I recently recorded with these on a session where I was behind the board and not the drummer. They were brought in by the drummer, along with the rest of the kit and the other cymbals. They’re nice and big hi hats, with a big sound that’s perfect for hard rock and that’s just what we were using them for. I’m not really a drummer myself, but record drums a lot and like to know about as much about different drums and cymbals as possible. These are really powerful sounding hi hats and are definitely going to be best suited for rock and pop and probably not jazz and other lighter genres of music. We were using a Gefell M930 to pick up the hi hat and I think it did a great job of picking up these super loud and bright cymbals, but I’d be curious to hear some other microphones on them to get some perspective. All cymbals are going to be slightly different, so as always it’s a good idea to check out the ones you’re going to be buying when possible, but with high quality cymbals like these you shouldn’t have too many problems. They are definitely in the professional vein of cymbals and aren’t cheap at all. These are designed for the professional and experienced drummers out there who are going to be using them on close to a daily basis. They do sound great but aren’t going to be worth it unless you’ve got a great sounding drum kit and other cymbals to match.