Sabian AA Fusion Hats 14"
Sabian AA Fusion Hats 14"

AA Fusion Hats 14", Hi-Hat from Sabian in the AA series.

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bobby_steeve 05/28/2014

Sabian AA Fusion Hats 14" : bobby_steeve's user review


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I returned a pair of HH 14 "Sabian AAX fast hats and ...... the top is cracked, so that kills ended the charley!

The fast is hard hats and sabian OCCAZ do manufactures more. Adoring rather fast and accurate charley; "Deep holes in the bottom" (all gritty idea to share :)

I then turned to the charley and the disappointment was great. Nothing to do with the fast hats.
Despite of the two holes in the bottom is dirty, no details, nothing nada that dale.
Brief disgusted.
And in addition the sound is bad. (A vague memory of Xcelerator hats returned to my memory)

I then handed the bottom fast hats, and there is magic ..... the bottom of Fusion hats is no ch ....
Top oddly resembles the regular hats!!

No, I'm not about to buy this pair of Charley, and will have to go do a lot of testing to find the comfort of fast hats.
Meanwhile Vive hybrid that sounds pretty good.