Zildjian A Mastersound HiHat 14''
Zildjian A Mastersound HiHat 14''

A Mastersound HiHat 14'', Hi-Hat from Zildjian in the A series.

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moosers 08/24/2010

Zildjian A Mastersound HiHat 14'' : moosers's user review


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The Zildjian 14" Avedis Mastersound HiHats are a set of hi hats for use in a drum kit. The drums are not my primary instrument, but I work at a recording studio that has numerous drum sets and has a pair of these on hand. These are really the go to hi hats for the studio, as when there is a drum set that is set up, it's with these cymbals. They definitely do see a lot of use at the studio because of this, and I have to say that they have a great sound. They're definitely pretty bright sounding cymbals, but generally we'll switch out a different microphone rather than the hi hats first. I've used a number of different microphones to record these hi hats, including an AKG 451, a Neumann KM 184, and even a Shure SM7. Between these different microphones you'll get some pretty different sounds out of these hi hats, and usually that's enough of a difference, as these hi hats can pretty much handle most sounds, at least as far as rock is concerned. It seems like we've had these cymbals at the studio for a while since they aren't in the best shape cosmetically, but they still sound bright as ever. I don't really think you could go wrong with these hi hats, as everyone who comes into the studio seems to really dig them. The price isn't going to make these the cheapest hi hats around, but for the sound you're getting, the price is pretty reasonable in my opinion. They're definitely suited for more experienced players, and are fine for use in the studio or for live shows, although I've only heard them in a studio setting, which is probably most accurate anyway. The Zildjian 14" Avedis Mastersound HiHats are absolutely worth a look for anyone interested in a high quality set of hi hats.