Zildjian ZBT HiHat Pair 14''
Zildjian ZBT HiHat Pair 14''

ZBT HiHat Pair 14'', Hi-Hat from Zildjian in the ZBT series.

moosers 02/24/2011

Zildjian ZBT HiHat Pair 14'' : moosers's user review


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The Zildjian ZBT 14" Hi-Hats are intermediate level cymbals, really only for use within the context of a full drum set. I haven't done any recording with these hi hats but have played a kit that has them a number of times at a friends who has a kit with mostly Zildjian ZBT cymbals on it. I'm primarily not a drummer so I don't own any drums or cymbals myself, but as an engineer I've recorded a ton of different drum sets and cymbals and have a pretty good idea about what sounds good and what doesn't. While not ideal for any situation, the Zildjian ZBT 14" Hi-Hats will do the job just fine for playing shows, practicing, and even recording if you don't have anything else to work with. Don't get me wrong, they definitely don't sound bad but when compared to other hi hats, these pale in comparison. They are pretty heavy as far as hi hats go and in my opinion are definitely best suited for rock music and in situations where the hats are going to be open a lot. Perhaps I'm just a stickler when it comes to cymbals to record with as these will be suitable for most drummers who aren't professional or semi-professional. The price is definitely nice with the Zildjian ZBT 14" Hi-Hats as it's about the least you can spend without getting something close to unusable. Zildjian has a great reputation for making cymbals of all shapes and sizes and in all price ranges, which is really a nice thing. Of course professionals will know that these aren't adequate for everyday use, but those who are just upgrading their beginner kit or are putting together a beginner's kit themselves, they'll be just fine. Check em out if you're looking for some hi hats that won't break the bank and don't sound bad...