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stefzecroco 02/12/2007

Cort Yorktown : stefzecroco's user review


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Made of core: clean finish (natural)
22 frets (acute, more or less accessible)
2 humbuckers: good output level, prcis
easel tunomatic
2potards tonalitbr Volume 2 /> round round .. neither c nor flat ..


Channel varnish desplus NICE .. especially for a guitar of this price
access to the latest cargo is not easy ...
superb ergonomics .. body fully adapts. lgre, the handle does not fall ..
its beautiful .. warm and deep as long as you own an amp right .. avoid marshall ..


Jaz, blues, heavy .. even reggae ... it is very versatile ..
I will play well on a Peavy classic 30 or a fender lamps ....

you can get a little PRRES all sounds .. and it is always clean.


I for a month ...
after acoir essssaye whole gang of hollow body: epiphone, ibanez ... I can say that 500 euros .. nothing comes close ...
the big difference I think mostly just microphones .. weaklings on the two brands mentioned prcdemment. . At least in this range ..
passion is a choice, I fell in love the moment when I played in acoustic .. or the many other hollow body's sound was like a big pot. , (And I must admit they are asked anything other than cooking pasta .. ptite this cort almost folk sound ... we feel it vibrate in his hands is a real treat .. and Once plugged into a Vibrolux ..... what a treat without hesitate ..... .. .. I sign!