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J-j 04/10/2009

Crel TeleConcept : J-j's user review


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All right! I brought this guitar back from France where it was made. The guitar maker is well known for his pickups: Crel pickups. This guitar is set up with 2 tremendous "CREL 666" special tele pick ups. These are 6mm alnico which shape the sound like a marble sculpture! You can remove the sides of the guitar in order to make it easier to store. The only hard wood parts are the body beam made with Irocco (kinda mahogany but tougher) and the neck built with hard maple. The rest is pretty simple: grover tuners, all the electronic remains into the beam. Good thing if you compare to a real Tele lies into the fact that with the Crel Teleconcept you can control volume and tone just with your pinky! So forget about a volume pedal. In terms of aesthetic you like it or not but I do.


This guitar rocks. Wonderful and smooth neck and none of a buzz, which is much more than appreciable. Finally a guitar well balanced and perfectly balanced.


The good thing about having great pickups is that the guitar sounds BIGGGG with a descent amp but still awesome with a crappy amp. Clean and distorted it's just a dream coming true. You've got the brilliance of a tele mixed with the warmness of an SG. This beauty seriously rocks. Regarding the sound I had the opportunity to challenged itself to a great Tele52 and you know what? I'm not ready to trade it. Even the owner of the store I went asked me if I was sure the pickups aren't active....I am positive: no battery only perfect Crel pickups.


I have been using it for a little bit less than one year now and here is the deal:
This guitar is NOT for trade, NOT for sell, just good to me. If you want the same you gotta go to France or order it! However you can order the terrific Crel pickups online.