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rhum66 07/24/2008

DeArmond X155 : rhum66's user review


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Manufacture Korean.
The pickups are humbuckers the famous US De Armond, very poorly distributed in the history france.Pour DeArmond pickups equipped the beginning of the Gretsch marque.Aujourd 'hui bought some DeArmond guitars for "looting" their microphones and mount on most prestigious violin.
The adjustable nut is dark wood, but not in ebony, the bridge is a simple piece of metal designed a little doubt in my taste (but it's his job very well.).
Handle very well set is stable in 11/52, graduation mother a little "plastoc." Rosewood fingerboard with inlaid white threads very well, jumbo frets type mediums.
The box is huge (I think ... all maple) with white nets bouble liserres black, but very comfortable sitting position, the arm s'appuit top and right hand is relaxed above the strings.
In natural finish, this guitar faqit me think that of Bill Haley in the fifties.
Overall, a nice guitar after 10 ans.Seule false note, a little pearl plastoc graduations ...
Mechanical: OK (oil bath).


Handle very nice with a low action (it is adjustable headstock ...). The key width is wider than a Start but it's very complicated bienpour form agreements.
The access to acute? not really practical unless it is a jazz guitarist broke ... Of course, it is not really play it beyond the 15émm freight ...
-The sound: that is the highlight: the pickups are great, powerful, meaty and very powerful, so that this guitar can sound very rockabilly / country as a setting for twin exemple.Avec the tone controls (which are effective over the entire course ..) have strongly darkened their mind to Gibson ES-175 (Kenny Burrell and Wes listen ...). So rockab of jazz, c'esy OK. With a lightweight tube screamer, it's great for the blues-jazz (the only problem: adapting gaming effects of torsion in string pulling ... 11-52)


-Compatible with blues / jazz / country / rock 50 '.
-On a FenderDeluxe reverb (all-tube 22 Watts) is top, brightness, reverb and dynamic as in the old blue note.
We travel from Scotty Moore to Wes Montgomery by way of George Benson.
In short, It's all good.

See test youtube:


Unearth-OCCAZ to Pigalle for only 450 Euros, a great deal ...
I compared this guitar with the Ibanez Artcore, it sounds better than most models and is equivalent to the AK86 model, which is nevertheless the mid-low end Ibanez (but I found it better than the mid-series Ibanez archtop upscale, all equipped with Flame Maple 57 IB super ...).
I found it as good as George Benson GB10 mesh mounted flat and better than the Epiphone Regent ...
I wish I could try the new Epiphone ES-175.
In my opinion a good guitar.