Emperador ES-335 Replica
Emperador ES-335 Replica
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Dwproductions 02/02/2021

Emperador ES-335 Replica : Dwproductions's user review

« I play my E-200 twice as much as my 3k$ 335’s »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Don’t listen to the guy saying you can’t compare it to a 335. A guitar is only as good as it feels and sounds and is a personal preference. I own three 335’s and one E-200. Sure, it’s a copy, has a bolt on neck, zero fret and weak tuners but in my opinion has the best Bigsby copy ever made and plays better than most. This guitar stays in tune better than any Gibson I own and have several. The best thing I can say is one night I was stepping off of a stage about a ft tall. My foot got caught on a cable. I landed on concrete on top of the E-200. I landed so hard It bent the toggle switch and put a gouge in the lower part of the body. Never mind that on that same stage a month earlier, my J45 fell over from the wind (and the headstock broke off) this E-200 was STILL in tune!! Don’t get me wrong, I love Gibson but they are delicate and some are duds. Bottom line... if you’re lucky enough to find one of these E-200’s, buy it and replace the tuners and possibly the electronics. I will NEVER again underestimate any musical instrument built in Japan. They are master builders. A legacy of creating greatness with a small price tag.

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