Epiphone Inspired by John Lennon 1965 Casino Outfit
Epiphone Inspired by John Lennon 1965 Casino Outfit

Inspired by John Lennon 1965 Casino Outfit, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Epiphone in the Casino series.

Mumbli 05/28/2010

Epiphone Inspired by John Lennon 1965 Casino Outfit : Mumbli's user review

«  Promising at first ... winner at the finish! »

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Value For Money : Correct
For the specs I let you go on the site of epiphone.
On the subject, so I decided on this model: p90 Gibson, electronics and hardware quality (I will return), and the flight case supplied.
To finish, a bit disappointed on some points (junction body not handle Super Clean, tone and vol knobs not great either but nothing serious!
on the other hand, varnishes and stains very well.


Too bad no arrival has set the opening of the flight. Little tuning and empty game to start.
Quote run I found my bearings, it is very close to my ear and Paul 56, a thicker hair can be very comfortable anyway. Finish the edge of the neck and frets on the prowl, but nothing serious.
Cote body, that is my first hollow body, so quite big volume, but also very comfortable and super lightweight!


For sound, given the hour, tested in vacuum and on a field 600 has low volume ...
So notice hot and not in good conditions. But first use in concert tomorrow, I will complete the review.
When empty, it sounds good, it's pretty banging, dry and precise. To quibble I would have thought finding more bass and depth.
Plugged in clean, warm sound, jazzy but always precise on the mic serious.
Middle position, more acoustic and drier.
Micro acute slap it without being aggressive, always accurate.
Qques flight testing and tone: workable and effective, I am very pleasantly surprised, this gives a fairly wide range of sounds
short, it's promising! Have now to test encrunch and live!
Stay tuned for more!


Qques after only tens of minutes, positive impression.
Value correct price for this model comes standard with the conventional modifications being done on the basic models without too much hassle to do it alone (change of half an electronics box is boring !!!). Small flat on the finish that includes qques minor imperfections, that I may have forgotten in qques days.
J'update very soon with my first impressions on Live!

EDIT 30/10/2010:
after a few months of use, I'm back for a more complete review.
Since May, I have tested it on my main amp, a Peavey Classic 30. To be honest, I was disappointed, and I even asked an advertisement for the sale: I liked the mic quite serious, but too much difference with the acute shortage of that body, was too noisy, and less powerful (even lowering the microphone serious and mounting the mic acute. In clean it ran almost in overdrive, bof bof, draft, I could not find the sound I expected ...
and then I bought another amp: a Marshall Vintage Modern 2266C (Notice in not long ...). and, a vamp! while I was playing with my Gibby LP almost traditional, the bah is the casino that comes out more often! still a significant difference in sound between the 2 microphones, but much less on volume. Clean, Crunch, and even distortion, while nickel passes, I find even the typical sounds of the Beatles (yes sir, with a marshall: o)
Briefly, I care!