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keiby 06/02/2006

Gibson ES-335 TD Bigsby : keiby's user review


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This guitar is the cost of the century!
U.S. Manufacturing
Half-body guitar
-22 Frets
Micro-selector 3-position with 4 adjustment pots
-2 Micro classic type 57, which gives her a very hot.
-The neck is glued
Bigsby Vibrato-(famous)


The playability of this guitar is amazing, I already loved that of Paul epiphone, but now we expect a peak. All the notes sound, from bottom to top of the handle, it's amazing!
Also I must say that the beauty of the guitar literally saw me and I imagined it heavier, but no, the weight is well balanced. I would love to do a scene, just to be able to give some information about the overall balance.
Just unpacking, I plugged ... the sound is round and warm. short perfect.


Loving great style, I had fun playing the little I know, verdict:
Jazz-the-man would be conquered (gypsy too, but if not the basic style of the skyscraper)
Shopgirl-singers should be able to appreciate this gentle warm clear sound
-Metals should go their way, this is not done to the heavy I think!
-Rockers will be honored for their part, it's perfect here.
The évantaille of adjustability that it can be crystalline or fat if desired, the only flaw is at the knob too sensitive volume (on mine anyway!)


I bought this guitar on ebay brand new with the luck of the century, since no one took the announcement seriously: I got it for 220 €! (No it does not fail to zero) so it's obvious to me that the price / quality ratio is not an obvious factor.
I've had a month and every day I'm in ecstasy! I own an epiphone that I modified to make it a big beast and has not the quality of this game (although I am more metal with Paul).
This critter is the guitar of my dreams, my father has a Jacobacci the same style that pushed me to have this kind of guitar.
At first, I gave myself two years to buy an equivalent model and I must say now, knowing the joy of playing it, I would have bought it without hesitation possible.
It is a marvel to the eyes but also for the ears.
I wish you all for such a pot.
Know that in any case, the original price of this guitar is not unreasonable, far from it.
It's a great guitar