Gibson ES-335 Studio
Gibson ES-335 Studio
Klampsy 08/03/2005

Gibson ES-335 Studio : Klampsy's user review


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The pickups are humbuckers (double coil) the famous 490R, an easel and a handle.
The bridge is a Tune'O Matic. Volume and tone by microphones, and a 3 position switch.


The handle is wide enough, normal for this type of guitar.
The access is facilitated by the sharp cutaway, for its weight against conséquant enough, especially after several hours of repeating.


In styles Rock, Pop, Garage, it does very well for my taste.
In Paravant I used a Marshall JCM 900 in lead was huge, very fat sound. Now I use a Fender Twin Reverb Amp, and it's feet in the clear! ...


Hello everyone,
That I am the happy owner of a 335 studio. I bought it in 1992, at the time its price was around the 6500 Fr It seems to me that the production of this model stopped in 1989. Date of manufacture of mine. I changed the mechanical self-locking by Schaller and two microphones by Classic 57, suddenly the sound is vintage, softer. It's been almost 13 years since I played on this guitar, it was followed by a luthier in the area: Michel Braque, and I always take as much pleasure to play with her. Difficult to change after that, but I still fell for a Duesenberg Starplayer, a German brand with a build quality beyond reproach.
Finally it seems to me that this model is very rare, so if would do it again without hesitation.