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alechat 03/31/2017

Harley Benton CST-24HB : alechat's user review

"A Harley PRS for a very low price"

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
This model inspired by the PRS Hollowbody I is really surprising.

(and for a low, low price, you almost get a tailored suit of a guitar!)

A very good, versatile instrument so pretty and unexpensive, you couldn’t get all that a few years back.
Let’s begin with its only real weak point: the wraparound bridge, also featured on many more high-end guitars.
First, it has to be set up with more care as the guitar comes with a standard setting, a (way too) high action, pickup height to be readjusted and frets to be polished… Once all these operated, you can measure this machine’s real potential.

A hollowbody with a beautiful maple top and two very acceptable humbuckers that can be split into single coil – offering a good compromise in between a strat’s clear and slappy sound and the round, warm one of a LP.

The clean sound is just astounding. Crunch sounds are very precise and progressive. As for big saturations they require more accurate settings, but that’a also the case with guitars 5 to 10 times as expensive.

While very agreeable and fast to play, the neck may not be up to par with an Ibanez or some strats but it’s already quite good.

I have all sorts of guitars, some of which are considered high-end instruments : if you except for a few finish imperfections here and there, this one is largely in their league.

This 200-bucks guitar can satisfy both amateur players and more demanding professional players.
I find it as pleasing and efficient as my Godin LGXT – plus its only 1/10th of the price !

If you’re after a very beautiful guitar to play all sorts of styles without breaking the bank, go for it!

Of course, you won’t get the prestige associated with playing a legendary brand’s instrument but this guitar still has its own prestige – and who knows, it might even become a legend?

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