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marcofromtheshot 09/02/2014

Hohner HS35 : marcofromtheshot's user review

«  it's round, it's good! »

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I bought it in the 90s in the US, a song (well still about $ 300, but compared to what I had planned to put in a hollow body is shit) and I discovered a great guitar made in Germany!


The handle was top notch, clean, I had a few years after refretter but nothing nasty. What bothered me the most, and that is why I avoided the play live is that the bridge was floating: a shot of a little unhappy wrist and it was over, you needed 15 minutes to redo the accuracy and agreement. But in the studio recording: a killer.


Sounds very hot jazz, country by colors. Mine had an old rotary vibrato which was a little space to master, but perfect for creating custom tremolo effect, a simple little flick of the finger on the rod. And it's very round, inimitable. I never found that sound, even on Gretsch or Gibson much more expensive (but probably newer)


I do not play on half-boxes, but I'd be happy to play again on it if I found one.