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Adrian Borgust 07/14/2019

Hohner SE35 : Adrian Borgust's user review

« Hohner as good as 1960's ES 335 or Epiphone »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I have'Gibson-ised' it as I love the '58 era dot inlay 335's, but could NEVER afford genuine one! What astonished me, apart from build quality is there is even the oval orange paper copy of model type and number, just as per Gibbo, visible through f hole. I fitted a 'roller' type bridge, action is just so good, no fret buzz, really well finished. I removed bridge PUP cover and intend to remove other. It was made by Hohner in the '90's I believe and was told by guy I bought this from that it has 'Kent Armstrong' humbuckers, no idea if true or were std on original? Whatever they are they sound great (I suspect they are originals). I fitted the Gibson type 'tulip' machine heads and truss rod cover (original was different shape with SE35 on it. I would NEVER try to pass on as a Gibson, and anyone who knew their 'onions' would know it is NOT a Gibbo in an instant, but it plays great through my Hi-Watt 100 watt combo, looks great, and you can get all the sounds you would expect from a 335. I have gigged with it many times. So if you ever see one up for sale, grab yourself a great late 50's era 335 type for a fraction of the price!! They seem quite rare as there is only 1 or 2 (favourable) reviews on Youtube, and I have only seen 1 for sale on e-bay, but don't look that often.

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Jazz on a Hohner HS 35 Semi-Hollow Body Guitar