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tanyu 11/12/2005

Keiper 115 : tanyu's user review


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Chinese manufacturing, we suspect ;-) Bought € 150 on eBay.
Handle 20 boxes, 2 humbuckers, gibson bridge type hard wood with glued (it may be surprising but it is very efficient)
Four knobs (level, tone, treble bass) and classical selector 3 positions.
Finish and polish is exceptional for a guitar of this price, even if the gold hardware has a tendency to bite and deserves to be replaced.
The lifts are a little too direct but, surprisingly, fit perfectly the agreement.
The strings supplied are original to throw on the field, they replace a set of strings spun flat 10-46 or 12-48 or 52.


The handle is very nice and very comparable to a 335 es
Cutting offers good access to acute, even if past the 17 fret, as all guitars of this type, a bit of acrobatics is required, but the frantic solos are not the vocation of this guitar.
The ergonomics are perfect, even if regtette the absence of an attachment point for the ramp on the front of the guitar, but the sharp horn of the box does not help much. We will therefore use a snap 'to the string' so dreadnough. Similarly, the body is thicker than Thinline and ask to play in a more 'folk', but you get done right away.
The guitar I received was well regulated to the origin and takes only a few minor adjustments, it provides a simply stunning, especially on the neck pickup is smooth as desired


I bought it for jazz and I must say that once the original strings replaced, it is largely a Gretsch or a Gibson in the same style, which are worth between 10 and 20 times its price. I said earlier: for its price, its just stunning.
I use a Behringer V-tone amp, not a précisment rolls, but it sounds great even here ..
The neck pickup sounds very creamy product, perfect for jazz, and if the bridge pickup is slightly less good, however we get very good results, the intermediate position (rhythm) is very nice and provides perfectly what it is destiny.
I use a BOSS PW10 and I am surprised by the sounds that can be drawn on the records crunch, see metal.
A highlight is the virtual absence of feedback, lack of such classical guitar (must not go too high in the distos anyway), it offers ..
Overall I remain amazed at the range of sounds it offers, and apart from one flat to the microphone acute, I think she is perfect to use as I have (jaz, blues)


I use deuis a month.
I love the sound it produces, its only drawback for me is a little micro acute feeble.
I already had a rds109 the same manufacturer (a kind of Les Paul Thinline hollowbody) which I was already happy, but it delights me altogether.
The value is simply unbeatable! Even by changing the micro acute and some details of the hardware, the value will remain unbeatable in the category.
If I had the choice again, it would without hesitation .. I also think to buy a second to customize the (mechanical, pickups and Bigsby) .. I think that is an exceptional guitar.