Patrick Eggle Guitars New York Broadway
Patrick Eggle Guitars New York Broadway

New York Broadway, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Patrick Eggle Guitars.

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saihtam 08/19/2008

Patrick Eggle Guitars New York Broadway : saihtam's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This guitar is made by the luthier Patrick Eggle based in Coventry, England. It has attracted many British guitarists like Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) or Brian May (Queen).

This is a guitar semi-full rather than half-box (the sound box is small, thus avoiding uncontrollable feedback), rather small dimensions (over the size of a
Les Paul as a strat / tele). She looks pretty Rickenbacker 620.

This model is an improvement of the model reference New York already here. He has more possibilities of micro, an acoustic more sophisticated. Mine end date 94. It comes in cherry burst (photo) or black (pearl shield mediator).

The finish is impeccable.

The neck is 22 frets maple oil, giving it a custom shop with a touch Rosewood (Rosewood). The handle is of a piece, screwed.

It is mounted with two original humbucker and split from home Kent Armstrong. A humbucker 2 rows black mini humbucker bridge and chrome under the hood to the handle. I use it mainly in mode splits. The 5-way switch type strato selects
- The bridge pickup humbucker mode
- The bridge pickup in single coil mode
- The two humbucker pickups mode
- The neck pickup in single coil mode
- The neck pickup humbucker mode
There are two adjustment potentiometers: volume and tone (low-pass filter, as usual).

The bridge is like tune-o-matic set (the two strings of the media can be adjusted separately). The tailpiece type guitar half body, attaches to the lower body.


The neck is narrower than my Les Paul. It compares quite has a handle fast (end) type Lag. It has 22 frets, and easy access to the end.
The guitar is as small and slight widening. However, it is heavier than a true semi-hollow. It is well balanced.
The possibilities are very wide of his thanks to the various assemblies of the microphones.


I was looking for a guitar that complete the range of my Les Paul. Departing a vintage 62 telecaster for his slamming. And I came across this NYB Used by chance. It looked more like a Rickenbacker, but was also fine. I cracked.

I play mostly in a Mesa Boogie, or possibly a POD pieces alternating blues-rock and progressive oriental. My effects are very limited: the channel saturates the amplifier, a cry baby wah and a chorus / echo electrohamonix (my keyboard is responsible for sounds exotic).

Humbucking mode, sounds are very humbucking type: rich medium, exploding under the mediator (my Les Paul's beat anyway, but it's not the point). In single coil mode, the sound is quite different: the lens (the body gives crystal clear sound even at the neck pickup), slamming a vintage round aftertaste like good tv. It's the sound of the bridge pickup in single coil which I prefer. The neck pickup in single coil lacks a bit of character. I read that you could avatageusement replace it with a micro ... Rickenbacker.


I use it for 8 months, and the more time passes the more I found him qualities.
Sound simple micro bridge and the neck is hyper ergodic more a coronation. Besides finishing more care than many Fender or Gibson Rickenbacker same.
I tried lots of telecaster and with 850 euros, it played in the class of Fender worth double. An excellent value for money for a guitar rare / original.