Peavey JF-1
Peavey JF-1

JF-1, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Peavey in the JF series.

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MGR/Bill 05/23/2006

Peavey JF-1 : MGR/Bill's user review

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I am a self taught fingerstyle hack, but I have enjoyed playing acoustic for about 15 years. I am actually a former gigging drummer and have played mostly in western NY and the Philly area.

I bought the JF1 at a local music store in Corning, NY because I wanted a hollow body to teach myself Jazz guitar. I really wanted a Gibson ES-175, but did not have $2,000 laying around (who does?) Looked at Epiphone, Ibanez Artcore and the JF1. Paid $300 for the Peavey

The JF1 was well balanced, had excellent tone especially when played through a Peavey Delta Blues tube amp, and better quality than the Ibanez Artcores I tried. The neck felt more "fluid" than the Epiphone Casino I tried.

About 2 days after I took the JF1 home, it refused to keep its intonation on the E and B strings. This was easily fixed by taking it back to the music store, where their tech adjusted the bridge and neck and put some Elixer Lite electric strings on it. (No charge...the dealer always backs up his sales). It plays like a dream now.

Although the body is of a less expensive wood (basswood most likely), The quality and tone of the JF1 is superb

Good guitar for a new to intermediate hollowbody electric player

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