PRS Singlecut Hollowbody II
PRS Singlecut Hollowbody II

Singlecut Hollowbody II, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from PRS.

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poutilaya 02/02/2013

PRS Singlecut Hollowbody II : poutilaya's user review

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Manufacturing USA, this is a 25th anniversary series, range prestige. (The best private stock below).
it is equipped with two humbuckers + a piezo for sound type "folk". A switch lets you choose between three configurations: only humbuckers (les paul = config), single piezo (= electro-acoustic) or mix of both. there is a volume knob and a tone knob, plus a third knob that is used in mixed configuration to assay the balance between the piezo and humbuckers. In electric-only configuration is the classic choice: one bridge / neck & bridge / neck alone is proposed by gibson switch type.
The handle is thick enough (without a log, I have small hands and it goes very well), fairly flat and very comfortable. (For accurate quotes, please visit the website PRS).
The finish is exceptional, it is a guitar that even non-musicians are great companions! And it is zero default, this is really amazing.


the neck, v / above.
ergonomics: it is a Les Paul body shape, but hollow body, so much lighter. in fact, it is very light, it is surprising, and extremely enjoyable. Access to acute is however better than a LP, with the heel section of the junction sleeve / body.
easily get a good sound? : See under "sounds"


sound: sound. the volume knob alone offers three guitars: set between 4 and 6, this is fine, rich in harmonics, very responsive, a kind of telecaster deluxe, powerful and refined at the same time. Set of 8 or 9, the nominal humbuckers sound very Les Paul / SG, even a little strat middle position. And 10, there is a boost, tinged acidity typical PRS, I do not like to clean, but that is just magical distortion.
The sustain is "santanaesque" fishing is "Garymooresque" and versatility / flexibility is truly exceptional.
Without being a 175, it holds the road perfectly Jazz, it makes country or reggae as if it was made for, and you can go very far in the extreme sounds. The main feature that emerges is that in any style or sound, it's still clear, distinct and clear.
Bold, crystal, "swampy" blues, anything is possible.
I use it on peavey delta blues on Fender, with a mini-POD répettes salon, through plug-ins for the home studio, it is excellent in all cases. (For the record, to report: hum, buzz etc: do not exist!)


The best guitar I've ever touched. (I played / owned sometimes: fender strat, fender tele, 335 Greco, Greco 175, Gibson Les Paul, Ibanez Joe Pass, 175 gibson, etc ...)
The +: this level of perfection in all areas!
the -: this is stupid, but to use the Les Paul shape, well I do not like. But that feels good on LP, there is really a top.

I have for sale (yes, the LP form), I know that I regret, but I only play for fun (time has passed ...) and suddenly this problem of form and comfort of my playing, it becomes central.

But again, if LP body is OK, this is really a killer.

value for money: PRS does not go dead hand, but the use, finish, and overall versatility. Expensive, but actually unique.