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fox(gudule) 04/10/2005

Schecter C-1 E/A : fox(gudule)'s user review


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Made in Korea ...
22 frets
2 Duncan Designed doubles (1 jazz neck and a Jeff Beck Bridge) + a pizo
Stop Bar Bridge tun'o'matic ac
2 outputs (one electric and one acoustic + electric)
Channel rather flat (not a com ibanez) but rather flat and not too thick log.


The handle is nickel for me I like the sleeves a little flat (radius more pronounced kun Koike does not bother me) and it was a good flat race too late and that is in the palm of your hand. c koi perfect.
Access in acute is better than good on a fender (ke is a stratum or tele) but a little worse than an ibanez but still very good.
Ergonomics is correct is not dcoupe stomach and muzzle to the forearm but it is not too pete ratings will have.
C plug'n'play of this skyscraper will need is an amp too rotten and rings.


I play stuff versatile enough a little Blues Rock (Led Zep, Floyd ...), and the metal (instead of trash like Megadeth or Dream Theater, Metallica ...). This scraper is super versatile for me parfatitement, there is no sound crystal clear but the fender type clean sounds are good and distos both a fat and warm without being too runny (it finally st ac drooling over the microphone serious kan mem).
I like the clean sounds that are not too fat and distos remaining hot and not lose too prcicsion. Note: Because of the empty body there are t easy to make this skyscraper Feedback controls ac
The piezo is good it is doing its job and the empty table amliore acoustic sound I think.
It's still a guitar oriented hard rock but still very versatile and can do everything


I've had three weeks or 1 month.
I love the hot and the piezo for a more funky.
I play on the Crate 60 W lamp tt therefore a good amp this skyscraper has great sound.
The report quality is very good price (paid 880)
There Kelka rat at the finish (the binding) but the finish is nickel binding and do not change the sound ... dc I let his eye glued to the guitar to see the default.
I do it again if we had the choice but I have done can be I would turn to a C1 Classic next time to have a real solid bodie but scratching suits me perfectly.