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Archorpheus 06/26/2006

Stagg A350 : Archorpheus's user review


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Manufactured in: Asia
Pickups: 2x humbucker with cover
Rglages: 2x volume + 2x tonalitbr /> Slecteur micros: 3 positions - top, "archtop" with b & w binding -
Channel: Saddle / 628 mm / collbr /> Fingerboard: Rosewood / 20 frets
Bridge: jazzy
Mcaniques: oil bath dores
Color: Natural


Jou for the classical guitar for over 9 years I can say that does not change much. Channel end rounded, enjoyable for little fingers (like mine).

In terms of Aiges I would say it's pretty hot to beginners but it is fast enough.

It's a pretty heavy guitar but I would say it's also a matter of habit.
It is balance and comfortable to be in a position acadm, acoustic or standing with a strap. (For my part I play with a footrest and a gypsy at the same time)

This guitar has a good projection of sound without an amp but with an amp it vritable DLIC!

I would put 9 / 10 for its lack of sound that at times the franchise!
(I think may be changing its pickups for an even more perfect: D)


I do not really prfr style, I can play mtal commme I play a little blues. It holds up in all styles though falters a bit with the distortion (well enough to be measured).

I have a small 30W amp Aria of which is enough for me at home if not for the stuff I prter concerts. But I can say that I would be tonn to see that it gives a high-end amp ...

Whereas I get a number for all of his styles, but it has its limitations as a distortion dj said above. I even got a sound pretty close to my classical guitar.

This guitar unleashes all my fantasies!

(9 / 10 because of the distortion = ()


I use DJ for 2, 3 months.

It is perfect for beginners in the electric type and even if you change the pickups can keep a good place in a harem of guitars.

His only default is to falter in distortion if not perfect for me.

I could try one of Ibanez Artcore Custom, I can say they are better.
But the price is too DIFFERENT ..

No, DCON qualitprix ok (my guitar teacher I had sold 250 E and has a play with this guitar!)

I think I do it again 1 billion a choice!

This guitar with me everywhere (for ending for my upcoming concerts!)