Sx Guitars Telecaster Thinline
Sx Guitars Telecaster Thinline

Telecaster Thinline, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Sx Guitars.

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cj0875 09/17/2011

Sx Guitars Telecaster Thinline : cj0875's user review

«  I will keep it long »

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semi hollow, table and back ash wood body after a maker of exotic, natural finish, cut to the ax of the pickguard perloid, poorly dépousiérée hearing before the opening ... A little help in the varnish and harmonic approximate tired to fight I changed the jumpers since it's going

large maple neck a bit sticky varnish (if you sweat in the left hand), provided huge frets: lol ... must be Canadian


Channel masculine (compared to my Start and guitars that I tried but I never tried a RI 52 (it seems that it is as sturdy handle).
slight tendency to nose dive a bit .... boring ... it's going to sit ...


I changed the pickups for fender scn noiseless of okaz and put a switch positions 4 and knobs 0.22 cts condo: it is more unbalanced between poistion microphones 1 and 3 or harshy in the treble. It is powerful and sharp with a resonance and sustain a pleasurable ... super fun, the 4th position is available and adds a roundness and a slight boost to the micro bridge. bah ... it's a telecaster vitamin that is very round on the microphone to handle clean little that adds a little tone.
Easy part in a feedback amplifier pushed ....


I bought a song on the internet, my second guitar, and I modified it sounds with my father but is not always easy to play on vertigo it sounds better than my strat vaughan .... .
nickel value for money, I read on forums the good of corny because I wanted a telecaster and the idea of ​​a Thinline I liked ... when I saw it circulated on the Internet in Europe ... a little dark I upgraded and I 'm glad that +.

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