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Taylor T5-S
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Published on 04/28/09 at 00:11
Mine has spruce top, not maple!

But I chose the most similar category!


I use it live as part of an acoustic duo!


It's the best compromise for live gigs!


My main guitar is/was a 612C and I also have a Baby Taylor, which I take with me on the road or for weekends to play around the fire. I bought this one together with my singer to perform as an acoustic duo (http://www.myspace.com/nathanzia).

The first pictures right out of the box:

We had had a lot of issues trying to have our music rightly amplified onstage and the results varied a lot from venue to venue, depending on the sound system and the engineer in charge.

Now I don't have any issues capturing the sound of my acoustic guitar. And it stays at home! I use the T5 onstage and don't have to make any compromises. I use an L.R. BAGGS DI to go directly into the PA and the sound is awesome, ranging from a really electric sound to a jazzy or hybrid one — an interesting option to explore — depending on the chosen setup!

It's incredible from a comfort point of view! The neck is better than that of my 612C and even my Strat! And it's easier to play fast passages with it than with an acoustic guitar. It comes with ELIXIR electric strings, which makes it more versatile and allows you to play the solo on The Wall with an acoustic sound, for instance! A W E S O M E !

In terms of feeling, it's somewhere between an acoustic and a semi-hollow body. The guitar is lighter than my 612C and doesn't require as much concentration to play!

Unplugged, it sounds comfortable and velvety, allowing you to play late at night without disturbing the neighbors!

It's a truly new guitar! I'm under the impression of finally having found THE SOLUTION to playing acoustic-electric LIVE.

P.S.: It was a real pain to get it in this color for a good price (it would go up to 400 euros in some stores!). We finally ordered it from a French store, which had a better price than the German and English stores.
It's truly a new guitar to explore and it will certainly provide many years of delight!
Just what I needed!

Here are some excerpts from the DVD that comes with it, to give you an idea.

Signed: A happy duo that can finally concentrate on making music, bringing out an album and playing live gigs.