Bill Lawrence USA L-500 XL
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Pucelle_Dabidjan 10/17/2005

Bill Lawrence USA L-500 XL : Pucelle_Dabidjan's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent

I recently by accident and I must admit, proud owner of the microphones. I use it in the neck position (no it is not a sacrilege) and it gives me something unique that I will try to describe.
It was Assembé hand-disunited states of amerdique. The name of the assembly is marked on a small removable sticker (it's always fun). The quality of finish is impeccable.
The signature sound of this microphone is certainly unique, but it possesses a versatility that makes it interesting. In clean, this microphone is clean and friendly. Once Inrush crunch channel, low-level, one can easily blues, the sound is warm and round. The higher up the volume, the more distortion is snapping. Already in the middle of the race, it is a struggle with the feedback that begins to create. But the note played is still there behind the big mess of sound. This mic is a companion to virtually all types of music but with a preference for extreme registers (but do not look dirty to the sound prs, you may be disappointed). The distortion caused by this micro is thick and surly it is very precise and takes a few standards. Good. And for $ 80.00, it is still quite cheap.