Gibson Burstbucker Pro Neck
Gibson Burstbucker Pro Neck

Burstbucker Pro Neck, Humbucker guitar pickup from Gibson.

Steve_Boudreaux 08/01/2011

Gibson Burstbucker Pro Neck : Steve_Boudreaux's user review

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I lucked into a pair of Gibson Alnico V Burstbucker Pro pickups. (whew! What a name!) when a younger guitarist had hotter, more "metal" pups installed in his Gibson Les Paul. These replaced the adequate but maybe uninspiring stock pickups in my Epiphone Les Paul Standard, and they REALLY upgraded the tone of this guitar. This is not just my opinion- other guitarist have commented on how good the Epi now sounds, with it's new pick ups- some have said that is is my best-sounding guitar- and that guitarist is quite the tone snob, so coming from him, that really means something.

As to the value- at around one hundred to one hundred and twenty dollars, and up, EACH, these do not come cheap, when bought new, but they are worth every penny, and then some. They are less expensive than the "endorser" pickups, and thus a better value. Drop 'em into your less-expensive guitar, save the original pickups, and be rewarded with excellent tone. When you either upgrade your guitar, or sell it, take the Gibson Alnico V Burstbucker Pro (there's that long name, again) out and put the originals back in. You can then either sell the pups for good money (I would estimate they beat the "half what they cost, new" rule by about an additional twenty five percent) or put them in your new axe. They come with either chrome or gold-plated pickup covers- I prefer the chrome, but that's a matter of personal taste. Of course, the gold plating adds to the cost of the pickups.

If you are looking for rock or blues tone from 'buckers, forget EVERYTHING else, including Gibson's "endorser" pups- these are all you need. I've compared these to about a dozen other HB pickups, and these always sound the best.

One of the few items- no, the ONLY item, I have given such a high rating, so far.