tjon901 02/02/2012

PRS Dragon I : tjon901's user review

« Way different to the Dragon II »

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Just like a real Dragon I think the PRS Dragon I pickups are pretty mythical beasts. It is pretty hard to find a guitar with them now that PRS has not used them for a while. These pickups are something special. They have four conductor wiring so you can split the coils. This is useful for all the older PRS guitars with rotary pickup selectors. The output on these pickups is a rediculous 20k. This pickup hits the amp hard so you have to compensate for that. If you compensate for it you are rewarded with amazing tone. You would think that this high output makes these pickups metal only pickups but you would be wrong. These pickups are super versatile even with the huge output. The pickups overall have a darker tone with a lot of low end. They are very thick sounding. The over the top output these pickups have make them super sensitive to dynamics which is something you do not see much in high output pickups. These pickups can pick up everything your hands are doing. The huge output also makes it very sensitive to volume adjustments. Lots of pickups the volume knob is just an on off knob. Lots of volume pots as well suck a lot of the tone from the pickup when they are on a very low volume. All of a sudden your guitar sounds super thin even though its just supposed to be quieter. With these pickups when you turn down the volume you still get all the tone you were getting before just at a lower volume. The pickups are so powerful when you turn down the volume the tone is still there. If you have a guitar with these pickups in it you should feel lucky because these pickups are great. If you have a chance to pick up some of these pickups you should as well because they are tone monsters and even if you do not like them you can sell them back and make some money.