Ashdown FA 40 DSP Combo
Ashdown FA 40 DSP Combo

FA 40 DSP Combo, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Ashdown in the Fallen Angel DSP Tube-Pre series.

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12 o'clock 01/16/2007

Ashdown FA 40 DSP Combo : 12 o'clock's user review


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All Combo 40W lamps

Pre Amp 12AX7 Tube 4 *
Pow Tube Amp EL84 * 4

2 Channels Clean, Drive Boost + 1 per channel EQ on each channel indpendante, spring reverb, pedal footswitch, effects loop with adjustable mix outputs 3 HP 2 * 12 "1 * 12" (4 * 12 "faith comuter the HP internal cuts) and a very practical view of nitre


It's a guitar amp are very simple rgalges couraging
everything is clear


This is the amp to do everything
exellent clear sound settings are fine and we get the Fender sound without any problem
the silence is a distortion amp which he holds the trunk road, blues, thrash, power, no problem it does not flinch, rve the amp (for me)


In addition to her he has a look that I like (I love even)
I was looking for an amp lamps in all my ways.
The same day I tried a Recto-Verb (too expensive) and the small Ashdown, then I stayed on the ass
This is an amp advice.

Overall opinion I put 10 (out of a transistor .......)

I always keep the same note even an APRS change the amps to 5 days simmering with the poor he cut all the time.
But jai HRIT buttons with back cest best, less heat
I stand my ground 10