GEM Venus G20
GEM Venus G20

Venus G20, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from GEM.

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saucisson 10/17/2011

GEM Venus G20 : saucisson's user review


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Italian amp 70 years. Power of 15 watts. It is a transistor amp with preamp and amplification tube, a 12 inch hhp no obvious signs changed to an Eminence Legend. Volume, great tone, and a tremolo with speed and intensity. 2 entries.


Very easy to get great sound button tone is impressive. A 0 we get a typed his "jazz" and Max was a snapping sound as desired. The tremolo is not amazing but it's very good job.


This receiver is suitable for any style of music except metal, but it does not matter I will not play. You can play with any scratches it sounds, I used personal with stratocaster, jaguar, es175, Ibanez artist, Danelectro is always good.


This is the first amp I bought in 1995 I believe, used of course. The seller told me he was in 1973, impossible to verify but it must be in these waters there. This amp is ideal for recording or playing at home, in rehearsal or concert is a fair bit in power. You can easily adjust the volume thanks to the transistor preamp, the sound level I find it better than a fender field, it distorts least the sound of the instrument because of the HP 12-inch and there is no possible comparison with fender champion, epiphone valve head ... Chinese quality more than doubtful (I know I had both and I sold one and sent the other).
One can find few articles on the net on this amp and they are always complimentary. Relatively easy to find for a few euros. I have other vintage tube amps (Klemt Echolette, Stevens, Dynacord, Hohner ...) and apart from the power that has not blush.