Koch Jupiter 45
Koch Jupiter 45

Jupiter 45, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Koch in the Jupiter series.

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pindou78 12/13/2012

Koch Jupiter 45 : pindou78's user review

«  JUPITER ... what a monster »

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Koch is an internationally renowned brand known for incomparably pro sound reproduction.
Jupiter is an amp that provides power adjustable from 0-45 watts through its Dimmer technology. The power amp and pre-amp circuits are hybrid tube / transistor with two 12AX7.
There are two channels, "COOL", and "HOT", which has a gain boost.
Volume control and gain for each channel, plus a three-band equalizer.
The Mastervolume "Dimmer" and the reverb level act on both channels.
At the rear, we find an effects loop, footswitch section and external loudspeaker outputs. "Recording" is an outlet for sound card or mixer that emulates a speaker, an option always interesting when working in a studio. The two-button footswitch supplied with the unit can control the channels, but also the choice of reverb or boost, the selection of which is made by a separate switch at the rear.
Output power is adjustable from 0-45 watts.


Koch Jupiter finds its place in vintage sounds and hot ones. Clear and dynamic tube sound.
From the very grainy blues, when engageing the boost gain is phenomenally developping - with a Strat that is fantastic.  The reverb is good quality, pure and deep.
The equalization of the sound retains quality, even if exaggerating the settings.
In short, a pleasure to play these guitars (fender gibson ... etc) and it hits hard .. it's beautiful.
Jupiter makes beautiful shades, warmth and perfection.
The downside, the second footswitch button controls either reverb or gain boost, nothing bad .an additional button, and you would have perfection ....


For my style of music it is perfect, I'm more of guitar repair guy, and I must say that I go a Tech 21 Trademark 60 which was also a beast, my choice was to work on a more typical vintage sound.
And especially to adjust my guitars (and violin work custon shop), suddenly I'm overwhelmed.
I do not regret the change, Tech 21 is a monster in versatility, The JUPITER is a monster of purity.

Koch gives us a combo with upscale vintage sound, it comes with a footswitch.
Ideal for a blues rock recording.
Its main drawback is a certain lack of versatility, but adding a distortion pedal quality enables it to expand its bandwidth to more modern sounds.
At a price of 620 Euros it is the deal of the century ..
And besides that, it is beautiful ..
So ....


Of the amps I have,
this one is exceptional, with many guitars pickup single or double ... etc..
on my old Telecaster equipped "Charlie Christian (pickups)," I can have an incredibly Jazz / blues, a heat stamp crazy with punchy bass ...

Technical side is a long list:
45 Watts
Lamps: 1 x 12AX7 preamp in and 1 x 12AX7 for amplification
3 channels: Cool / Hot / High-Gain Overdrive
Settings on the General three bands EQ, gain boost, contour
Settings for each channel: gain, volume
Spring Reverb with level control
Power attenuation adjustable from 0 W to 45 W
Effects loop
Output with speaker simulation
Speaker output to 4, 8 and 16 Ohms
Footswitch 2 positions provided
1 speaker 12 inch Jensen Tornado Neodynium
Dimensions: 54 x 26 x 46 cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 16.7 Kg

Yes, definitely it is a choice of high quality.
Money outstanding,
finish ... and even cardboard arrival ..
A brand that will sublimate our art,
I highly recommend this ... JUPITER

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