Marshall 8040 ValveState 40V
Marshall 8040 ValveState 40V

8040 ValveState 40V, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the ValveState I series.

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Nicom 05/11/2004

Marshall 8040 ValveState 40V : Nicom's user review


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An amplifier with a lamp pramplification Tage (12AX7) for his leaving the power amplifier transistors.
It should be handled with care pramplification lamp, I opt for an Electro Harmonix, Sovtek but also seduced me a lot.
Here, the power of the amp gives 40W.
Connectors for any classic amp (between guitar, footswitch, line out) but also an effects loop ...
The rglage are very heels, and allow all the colors of a typical Marshall.
Switch the channel light / saturation. The strength of this amp is just what a marvel saturated channel from its quality of sound, a sound with a lot of guitar, including the low-end warmth and wonder of rock with Gibson Humbucker (490 or P100).
Reverb, but I do not use it much. It is a mechanical spring reverb, an effect that the former has a lovely hue.
Weakness, potentiometers, which seize up over time. It is normal for any amp, but it's horrible for the who will use this ampliq ue from time to time. It spits it touched. Many musicians take their place, and it is much better. I have this amp (bought new) for over 10 years (from t 1993), and that's something that through the most difficult years.


For beginners a good sound when you beginners, there's no secret ... You either hack, and it is easy and have a merdouiller its ugly ... trick, turn back to neutral and wait, repeat his ear ... Otherwise, another technique that's good, found the settings of a guitarist playing on the same type of amp / guitar and see how screwed up are the settings. If you like his game, and especially its sound to guide you around some learning difficulties.
The manual does not bring anything home, so its content was empty ...


With this amp is all about: SOUND ... indniable, a sound like a Marshall, and many colors of sound is possible. East Esssentiellement rock and blues can be, but it s not my area.
The clean channel is not great for my taste, but considering how little I use ... I manage myself satifaire with the addition of chorus-like effect or a wah-wah pedal, otherwise it means.
The channel can be saturated even met him so it's great !!... many flavors, and both his great strength, has come a long way, and means!
In overdrive, you can get a loud horn or carrment fat, so anything is possible ...


So I use it for 10 years. Therefore very robust.
One concerns the lean dry months, rgl under warranty.
Since then I only change the lamps every 2 or 3 years ... What normal ....
I opt for this model the era for its price / sound, a slaughter c'tait this era to 2500 FF / 380 Euros (I think) ... The Valvestate series allowed to play with a real Marshall sound, and without dbourser 10 000 FF / Euro 1500 ...
So for the price, yes, c'tait a very good choice, far from silent concurrency Submitted such a high price for its l.
I hsit with 8080, the big brother, but when I saw the output level with 8040, I never Exceeds 3 / 4 volume, even on stage and c'tait so much easier to "tap" in to him out the sound without becoming deaf Marshall (repeating or in small concert halls). And its small footprint, makes the amp that can easily decendre when one is on the 5th without assenceur ... This is not the case of 8080.
So ... Yes, I would do this choice.
Proof, the only thing that would make me feel like today is not to change the amp, but a great fere aqurir any lights, but also a luxury, the price diffrence does not warrant can be.