Lunnar TP-01
Lunnar TP-01

TP-01, Hybrid Pre-amp from Lunnar.

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Titi35 01/13/2004

Lunnar TP-01 : Titi35's user review


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I can advise After a few hours of use. Therefore, I might change my mind later.

For CHARACTERISTICS, I will simply copy what is indicated on the website: (distributor)

The TP01 is a prampli micro dot of light enters and an XLR output, an input and output jack, as well as between an "instrument". It possde also a 48V power and phase reverse. But the TP01 does not s'arrte l: it is equipped with a compressor / limiter, three band qualiseur and a saw-nitre numrique!

- The nitre numrique REPRESENTATIVES seen the signal level of the APRS knob gain and compression.
- There is no knob to assay the effect of the lamp.
- There is only one knob for the determination of compression.
- There is a knob the output level.


Operation is simple enough Premire seen. But after a few minutes test, There are little tricks that I have tonn:
- The only knob the compressor (it is not clear on how we act).
- The function buttons 'attack' and 'release' is not explained (is that an activation? Is it a matter of time of attack or relchement? Arbiterfrance I have not yet r laid)

In short, the manual gives only the bare minimum (it shows with the Arrows button attack, the attack is => What's easy is not it?)

Well, APRS, when one is dbrouillard, just to see the diffrence of his which is obtained by handling everything has to know what is .....


The sound is good (better than I had before with a pre-amp my sound card Intgr DSP2000), but the fact of not having to dose knob the lamp does not allow me to really know what silent influence.
Compression / limiting is trs apprciable for rgulier levels and have a good dynamic. Moreover it is well couraging because it does not get (not brutal cutoff).
The qualizer is something new that can bring your own style to the recordings we did.
I have not observed gnration of breath (for now).


As dpart said, I use it only for 2 weeks (few hours). This opinion may change. In addition it is the first pre-amp lamp that j'achte.

- Assets: the sound is good, not breathing, compression well done
- Cons: Function buttons not explained, no dosage effect 'lamp'

I do not regret my purchase.
IDAL will buy another brand so I can make a comparison.