Mindprint DTC Dual Tube Channel
Mindprint DTC Dual Tube Channel

DTC Dual Tube Channel, Hybrid Pre-amp from Mindprint.

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Glints collide 04/26/2005

Mindprint DTC Dual Tube Channel : Glints collide's user review


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2 channel strip:
- Double prampli micro (with phase inversion button, -20 db PAD, "Meter", to view the output signal).
- Double tube EQ: 4 band paramtrique (with Q), with low cut and high-pass.
- A double optocompresseur lamps (limiter, compressor).

At the entrance, all connectors are available: asymtrique front, symtrique (micro) in front rear.
Outputs: Rear facing symtriques (balanced monitor) and asymtrique facing rear (unbalanced monitor).

Rack 2.5 U

The object is beautiful. When the lights, the lights begin to shine drrire the glass blue.
All this is pro, the connectors are tb quality and the knobs from the front (aluminum).
The only thing wrong is a space between the knobs: it is sometimes difficult to be resumed when beginners.


Config trs simple.
Unlike what some Affiris, the DTC is not a simple Voice Box, and is cut to record sources trs Different.
It sounds live without tweaking anything ... a condition of having microphones drrire!
The manual is in English (I purchased the item in the United States), but it is clear, easy to understand, the machine is so simple read the manual does not learn anything grd.


The prampli is really excellent, we get a clear, fine crystalline, warm.
Stereo image is large trs was a really big its massive!
Although it was recorded trs rarely aggressive sound.
The direct inputs are very practical and can have an input signal always with maximum quality why the connection is made tb, without being complex.
I recorded a synth and dj bass from a DI is well trs.

Coupled a static trsgnreuses bass, a beautiful grain lamps without staining abusive.
The equalizer s'avre be effective and trs musical: we do what we want with, booster, Cuter no pb has not blow. He adds prsence sound and we want to use background when recording, a pleasure.
You can do anything with this rack: saturated guitars, overheads, snare, toms, acoustic guitars, bass, vocals, deejayridoo (sisi I tried ...
On a voice (I use a micro tubes) is pretty trs: prcis quite, clear.
I heard recently that the lamps taient the bluff, but I do not o? The sound of the DTC is beautiful, and lamps give a discrte coloration to the sound. It does not bleed, despite a big prsence serious decision. The low-cut filter is used almost systmatiquement.

The Optocompresseur, just left of the rack is simplified: limiting knob / knob compression and release. I do not use that as the compression limiter is a bit weird (opto = vintage?). In fact it is hard and rgler s'avre be quite extreme. As against the rev limiter is effective, the "brick wall limit" has a softer tip.


I've had one month, I tried many things dj with and without a control room with the possibility of adequate monitoring, I think the results that the little is achieved with simply good quality trs. I love the DTC for its sound so nice, its looks (hh has just a yes!) Price.
Report qualitprix unbeatable.
Xperience I do it again with this choice: If I were to buy a second one day I will.
I use a converter coupled Professional Mindprint An / Di Pro 24-96, was working perfectly: two channels for recording pro (116 db dynamic). A good machine trs, trs versatile sounding blow.