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SPL GoldMike MK2
SPL GoldMike MK2
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yoannv yoannv
Publié le 09/05/06 à 02:56
Value For Money : Excellent
The GoldMike Mk2 is the successor of GoldMike first name, and contains the essential CHARACTERISTICS this one: pramplification hybrid lamp / transistor circuit Flair own e SPL (harmonic addition, just like a enhancer) , and its all transparent (at least that&#39;s what I dduit over agreements Goldmike Mk1 notice that I have not heard).

At this cocktail and reputable dj allchant first Goldmike lments added some that made me look DEFINITIONS ct of the Mk2:
- From pramplification lamp dsormais paramtrable three positions, 6 db, 12 db or 18 db;
- The intensity of "Flair" is also Settings, in three positions: Off, Medium, High;
- A limitation that may act from 12 dB or 18 dB was added t;
- Finally, capital lment for me when buying a high between impdance also adds t.
At this level of price and quality I do not see what you can ask for in terms of fonctionnailt.
I will not dwell on other features Submitted (pad, phase, calibration vumtre ...), but the front as in rear face (jack and XLR connectors complte as input e and output circuit insert ...), everything is the same and looking good I do not blame him.


We are prsence a "simple" micro prampli, and therefore, use General for the machine is simple trs.

Despite the amount of features are offered by the Mk2, but remains clear and empty.
A statement for particulire potentiomtres gain and output, including the touch and the fluidity of the race are Goldmike particulirement Mk2 machine before even enjoyable to be sent from the !

The manual is clear trs, trsdtaill agrment and a large number of small tricks to use GoldMike.
In short, there is no need to read the manual to use the BTE, but strongly advised to do to learn more about the machine that was in the hands, and go after its use, in the spirit of what its designers intended.

The manual is in English and German, some might accuse him of not being in French, for me it is the default for a really minimal.


Voil finally prampli essential for parliaments: the sound!

First, all say at once that it is one of the transparent BCAN trs, trs of high quality sound!

I&#39;ll try the dcrire Goldmike against other pramplis to locate it.
Those against whom I could compare the Goldmike are pramps my DIGI002, a slice and an Amek 9098EQ prampli Green ( ) (In DIY, for those who know).
Basically, three pramplis ranging from "low" range of high end dj.

The comparison is cruel to Digi002: pramps her seem almost "dirty", set the default top and bottom of the spectrum, and seems to blur the Golmike ct.
O The latter serves the maracas in a granular, or strikes the strings with his right hand on an acoustic guitar with superb precision, the Digi002 seems to make a slurry and not without dtails life.

Digi is dull, the strings of my guitar comparasion take a year of taking the Mk2!

Green looks more fire against the GM. I will not dwell on this pramp, since the fact that it is DIY (Do It Yourself), it is not accessible to the greatest number and suscpetible to vary the selected components.
But for those who know, know that despite the qualities of indniables Green, even when dmarque Goldmike is really at the level of precision, and quality sound gn eral.

Finally, with the Amek 9098EQ, there is finally a worthy competitor of Goldmike.
Got a question of, first, the Amek is a beautiful machine, the more colors the Goldmike (not a ton either), which amne a kind of life, ptillant that sduit compar transparency and law GoldMike ct.

The rglage lamps do in place by direct comparison with the color of the Amek, it gives something else.
Defines that little difficult over the Amek.

Yet the Goldmike can not possibly be as infrieur Whereas. Rather, it appears to offer the ever-Retailer with a spectrum over a high ar dfni more.
Got a short question and situation.
I also compared the Hi-Z input with DI between the Digi, a Samson, and a DI of my manufacturing (Bo Hansn DI ( /% 7Eu31617586 /) to know that).
The again, the SPL is convincing, however, on an acoustic guitar (the subject of my comparison), it does not compete with the Bo DI: Goldmike the suffering here sound a bit too "crispquot;.
Finally, gnrale fawn, the color brings a flair enjoyable, flattering, so use sparingly, and the gain of the Tagus lamp gives it a finer color but namoins tr s enjoyable.
Sometimes we only regret not being able to push it rglages over 18dB, but if that is what you INTERESTED, so I encourage you to turn to the trssrieusement GainStation Brand: I am fortunate to work with this marvelous day, this is the a real killer! But the price is not the same ....


I use the Goldmike for over a year now, and I love this prampli.

I love its sound quality, transparency makes it versatile, but also SETTING THE Flair and lamps that add each take one of his touch, depending on the mood!

In short a beautiful machine, enjoyable to use, and ringing of the fire of God!

I t ammen to Goldmike by the intermdiaire GainStation which allowed me to put one foot in the universe SPL, and realize the quality of the range of the brand.

The price quality ratio is excellent, and you really quibbling to assign the default next to its price. Can perhaps be criticized from the sound of the Hi-Z, although my tests in this area does not shoot with a variation on instruments large enough to have an opinion DEFINITIONS.

In short, I would do without hsiter this choice, and I still eyeing everything that SPL!

The quality of manufacture
The profusion of options, the connection complte
The Flair and Tagus Adjustable Tube
The prsence between the HiZ

The -
- Between the Hi-z, jsutement, just tenses
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