SPL GoldMike
SPL GoldMike

GoldMike, Hybrid Pre-amp from SPL.

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bloodsugar 04/12/2005

SPL GoldMike : bloodsugar's user review


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Peampli Micro Stereo 19 "rack units 2 (amplification Hybrid: + transistors the last 6 db with a 12AX7 tube)
All basic functions are lbr /> - Gain knob
- Phase switch / high pass / pad / power supply 48V per channel
- A function that preamp SPECIFICATIONS: swich a "flair" is an EQUAL in the medium that gives a little air (not configurable)
- XLR connectors in and out jack (6.35 out also)
- Supply intgre

7 of 10 for CHARACTERISTICS. Everything is the nothing more.
I wish limiter (o note)


Extremely simple (for who knows what is a preamp)
You plug the microphone, turn the knob gain and basta.

on the other hand, ergonomic level, I wish the meters a bit bigger. It should be in the eye and especially not s'loigner. It's pretty boring.
To say I rfre plutt to the meters of my RME on the PC.


Impeccable sound quality (my home studio level)
However, I have few points of comparison (Intgr Console Behringer preamp, preamp RME Fireface, the preamp Tfpro P2)

No breath is transparent (no color) Good headroom.
I use it mainly with Oktava MK-012 in the overhead drum. He filled out its rle trs.


+ + Sound, transparent
+ + Construction / finishing (that beautiful and neat solid)
+ + Report quality price (200 euros channel preamp, it's not expensive trs I found for such a quality)

- This is not a default, but a wish. I saw a small limitation on the preamp (for the home studio, t have a nickel before attacking our expensive converters)

I would do without this choice problem.
For 400 euros, it has 2 channels "top class" in a home studio.
In del FFECT of the AF mode, I think it's really a preamp advisor who wants nothing but the blue tube and can not put 1000 euros per channel.