SPL GoldMike
SPL GoldMike

GoldMike, Hybrid Pre-amp from SPL.

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Did01 08/17/2004

SPL GoldMike : Did01's user review


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Prampli stro lamps ECC83 two floors of amplification. In the first Tagus, the signal is amplified by the semiconductor being protected by a layer of interference, PCB (stable voltage throughout the trip). The first time Tage 2200 amplifies the signal.
The second Tagus quip tubes reoit therefore a signal amplifier dj 6 dB. This ensures a good reserve of gain.
It possde connectivity usual jack and XLR.
It is equipped with a system that flair acting on the bandwidth of the signal. This increases the gain Systm dune on a beach Manir DGRAD frequency drives between 1.5 kHz 20 kHz with a maximum gain of 2.5 dB 6 kHz.
Finally, a possde Pad, a 48V power supply, a low pass filter and a light warm-up indicating the state of heating lamps.


Nothing is easier than to walk a prampli of this type. With gain 0, we get a dj pramplification (the semiconductor) and ds that are excited about it, then passes the heat pipes. The front panel is easy to use like all pramplis even if it is necessary to approach to see something in the view-needle meters.
The doc is in English and there is no saturation SETTING THE lamps.


It is true that each prampli is DIFFERENT and I can compare it with my Blue Tube, for example.
The Mike Gold is intended primarily taking voice and acoustic instruments. I also recommend mastering. It should not be seen in the SPL, a prampli able to bring new sounds can do as the Blue Tube, as it is particulirement neutral. If the color signal is not perceptible, The definition, it is a quality thunder! For that price, I think some scabies prampli onreux much. You plug in your microphone, you activate the low-pass filter, the pad and the system flair, you mount the 31 gain, you pack it right
Manir smart and you'll know exactly what you eat your meals Previous! Excellent!


I was fortunate to work in professional studios and manipulate pramplis upscale as Avalon and Focusrite and I must say that Spl is not envy them above this price! It is also by design diffrent particulirement many think. Moreover, his gold and aluminum grilles are making visible the lights of the most beautiful effect! I only regret that there have not SETTING THE BPS saturation but I is not his vocation.
I highly recommend anyone looking for a pramp, cheap, which excels in making his microphone.
I keep it the life!