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Xavier07 11/13/2005

Ensoniq SQ80 : Xavier07's user review


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5 octave keyboard (touch not terrible) synthse subtractive.
3OSC-> 3DCA-> VCF-> 4DCA

Numriques with 75 waveform samples
The OSC1 can be synchronized to OSC2
Each oscillator can be modulated by two separate sources
March 1st DCA
The first 3 are CONTRL DCA output level of each oscillator.
Each amp can be modulated by two separate sources
Low-pass 24dB/oct rsons but not self-oscillating.
The frquence may be cut by two separate sources module and the keyboard.
Too bad the rsonance can be module-
DCA n4
The DCA is quatrime amp by the end contrlmodul ENV4.
Then the pan may be a source module.

Modulation sources
3LFO (4 waveforms: tri / saw / sqr / noise)
4ENV (6 segments with particularity to simulate a "reverb" on Release)
Followed by the Keyboard (2modes)
Aftertouch (mono and polyphonic)

8 voice polyphony, but with dynamic allocation of uses in layers and splits or squenceur.
40 patches can be internal memory backups.
80 patches are very additions using a map.

8 tracks Squenceur time rel / trs not not complete with 60 squences/20songs/20000 vnements backups internal memory.

Trs good MIDI Implementation

Backup diskettes 3 1 / 2 "DD sounds (40 banks of 40 sounds, 60-10banques squences/10 songs he and I believe more, save Sysex ...)

No effects Intgr (it's not worse!)
if we exclude the simulation of rverb by enclosures
And no chorus


Excellent ergonomics of the instrument.
The diagram is clear.
The CSTA functions aids are surrounded by the large screen of 10 "soft-keys".
The English manual is very well structured.
The translation is Franaise plutt unfortunate and forgotten many specific points of synth programming


The presets are fairly basic but can provide a means ide the potential of the instrument.
With a little work (and knowledge of the synthse subtractive), we arrive produce sounds to me INTERESTED.


I bought this synth 8 years ago now and I'm still as happy.
Of course, at her, still has a synth amricain 80s (without being pjoratif!) And we did better today.
But ergonomics, the opportunities as synthse (even when one is far from a modular trs) in squenceur and MIDI Workstation makes a difficult place.
The only really be INTERESTED have a t (s) but the interface is K2xxx dtrastreuse on them.
And if one day, an issue not a sound I like more, I will always have a keyboard command performance.

This synth was quoted at its release in 19,000 francs (close to 3000 euros!) In 1988 and has not had a good press o cte much lower compared to the D50, M1. .. Yet much more original than-l