M.F.B. Synth Lite
M.F.B. Synth Lite

Synth Lite, Hybrid synthesizer from M.F.B..

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dajhne 04/19/2005

M.F.B. Synth Lite : dajhne's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
Mini Expander about 17 cm wide, ultra-lightweight monaural but with anti slip pads, 100% plastoc, connector mini jack is not great (but it was not rationalize space). 1 MIDI in, 1 audio in, 1 audio out, a cross and the power supply. The machine offers: 2 vco / or COD (but really, who cares!) With 3 waveforms, LFO 1 to 3 waveforms also acting on the vco vcf or, addr 2 ( sustain switchable), 1 vcf 24 db without self oscillation, a glide, and a ring modulator located on the 2nd tilt. No memory on this machine and that's good: what a joy to grind the buttons to find his own settings (there are not that much, and avoids the sudden jump of pots syndrome). Note that the knobs are very agréble to handle: sheathed with rubber, they respond very well to the various manipulations. They are also diodes and switches that respond well too (like what, this machine is not as cheap as that).


Ultra easy to use: here we are back in the days of analog that allow anyone, without reading the instructions, out of sound. The instructions precisely (format 1 / 2 A4) is four pages and is in German. Note that the machine can be set to any midi channel. No sub-menu, everything is on the front.


That as vain and useless debates about the difference between rendering a vco and dco !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 After all, many machines operate with mythical and dco are synonymous with good taste for their lucky owners (Synthex, oscar, juno ...), what matters is the sound, you think? Well the MFB, it hangs my grave Genelec, although my MS20 + (yes, I assure you)! Whether it's a very fat bass or sub, the effective leader, everything is good. For cons, the fx are not by appointment: the possibilities of the beast is too limited (though ...). Style "vintage touch to big sound", it far exceeds many other bikes (especially will).
Velocity can be activated, for notes or vcf. The data for pitch bend and modulation are well recognized and recordable.


I have a few days, and at first listen, it was the favorite!! The sounds that generates lite mfb are powerful, with a large dynamic little breath (contrary to what has been said)
and Otentik. The few parameters the limit in the bass or leads, but can do without it? The value for money is hell, and will be a blow to all vintages of bizness rotten, poorly maintained, and overpriced. Decidedly, mfb is a craft manufacturer that needs to be watched very closely ..... If you really are not satisfied, I will take you (or rather the synth II).