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Koss The Plug
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gaumet 06/29/2005

Koss The Plug : gaumet's user review


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- How long have you use it?

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
most: space. minimum: solid? (Just a guess, given the thinness of the son)

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
not: difficult to find a store that allows to compare. I have a Sennheiser PX100 laptop for COST.

- How do you report qualitprix?
trs good (bought directly from the manufacturer's website for amricain 18.5 shipping)

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

==> My analysis:

The Need: Rcent acqureur a USB key - Memup MP3 player, the headset is provided with a quality dplorable (although this will be arranged with a little lapping).
I possde headphones for portable Sennheiser PX100 but it is a little bulky compared an mp3 player and does not isolate collection outdoor noises.

Price: MSRP of 30 in France, about $ 38 while the United States at retail price is $ 15 :-(

The costs: before you listen, I first tried (only a ergonomically) the plugs supplied with DIFFERENT. Little diffrence in my case, standard plugs (cniques) Mountains in the standard sense seem to agree. To locate the comments that follow, I find the Sennheiser PX100 is enjoyable, but lack of openness and neutrality (the top-and bottom-serious mdium drool over the rest of the spectrum). Gots my music lead me to classical, jazz, rock the years 60-70. So the logical, you say: "Poor fellow! He loves neutrality and achte headphones boom-boom ...". Of course ;-) Nanmoins, I connected the Koss directly on my home CD player (like a Marantz CD80, 15kg and Tagus output in class A) in order to have an ide on benefits sound of a hardware known. So I pull The Plug the Manir which I put my ear plugs when I do the bike (well down, without mixing, by simply pushing it back towards the ear canal). Do not mchons our words: your exact is almost pathetic (no opening his butcher, no fever), despite an excellent sound insulation. Aaarrgghhh! One of the reasons I bought the Koss despite comments sometimes costs killing is that the curve measured by rponse Fnac (ok, blah, but hey .. .) is described as good in the high rev and low in the bass. I had dduit rponse the curve in the bass and treble dpend trs heavily on the fawn whose ports are Plug. New test costs an "asking" the plug in the ear (if I turn my head, they fall) of the acute but not severe penalty mdium, no sound insulation . Retry costs on trying to insrer Plug in the channel (just pushing in line, always) but more modrment that the very first time, then by stirring TRSL grement top-to-bottom and bottom-up so that the foam form and push a little to the collection's outdoor Koss: this time, the spectrum is equilibrated opening seems sup SUPERIORCOURT the PX100 (from memory, I was too lazy to do a comparative trial), the sound insulation is only lgrement Submitted. Do not think I'm soft on Plug for lack of references: although I am not big on costs at headphone, I have a stereo headset correct (a MBQuart PMB85 ago or 15 20 (1000FR), a competitor of the Jecklin Float II era, a little like the AKG K1000 today).

My Conclusion: A quality sound with a really honorable trs portable hardware (I have not pushed back tests with a set fi system, it is not his vocation), comfort (in my case ) trs acceptable, an extreme sensitivity of the fawn which INSRE in the ear, a TRS rapprt good quality-price 18.5. I do not jog in music but I do not think this headphone is the most suitable for a (if we want to keep the headphone firmly, we must push it with one's mouth the key).