East-uk U-Retro 01 Deluxe
East-uk U-Retro 01 Deluxe

U-Retro 01 Deluxe, Inboard bass preamp from East-uk.

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Bass Vador 01/02/2014

East-uk U-Retro 01 Deluxe : Bass Vador's user review

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9V preamp board
Double balance knob mic / volume (0/12db)
Double bass treble knob (50Hz bass +15 db) (treble 12 db at 3 kHz / -12 dB at 1kHz)
Push pull treble (+8 db 7 kHz)
dual parametric mid knob (+ /-12dB 150 to 3kHz)
swtich active passive
blend micro switch


The configuration is not simple, it takes time to understand how the blend switch (manual not very clear), and the installation is hassle for bass that does not have a big smashes, I mean, that a passive originally low, it may be necessary to provide larger cavity, fortunately not in my case (PJ Sandberg 5c).


The sound is perfect for me, I was looking for a modern sound with fine treble.
The preamp is quality buffs are used to the max, the sound is audible and defined without being cartoonish, mediums are sublime.

Warning, this preamp is not neutral at 0, it brings more bass and hollow mediums, we then have a rounder sound, perfect for the rhythm in my opinion.

The push pull bright is perfect for slap with vintage mics or when strings are rinsed.

The two mini switches are very effective when we understand the operation of the switch blend.

Before explaining, you should know in advance that this preamp is fitted (on the PCB) two trimpot which manages the level of each microphone, this level is related to the switch.

So in active mode:
position 1: the balance knob that manages microphones
position2: the blend predefined via trimpots that applies (convenient for quickly skipping on a single computer or on a standard mixture 80% J% P/100 for funk rhythm)

in passive mode:
position 1: bridge pickup
position2: blend predefined via trimpots

this means that passive must think carefully about setting trimpots, because the micro balance knob does not work in passive (ie damage).

Tone (60uF) is effective and traditional (there is a knob that varies in the same way two capacities or 1 microsecond), the tone works in both modes.

Personally, I love the active mode with a low mids for rhythm and I use the bridge pickup with passive tone for solo (sound Jaco wholesale).

It sounds deadly, it's still the best preamp after owning aguilar OBP3 and Sadowsky.


it is now 1 year and I am very satisfied, I go with, I also expect a bass luthier in progress which will be equipped with the same preamp soon with my other basses.

I was angry with the preamp after testing including aguilar and Sadowsky, I could not find a real plus compared to the preamp amp heads.

Then change my config amplification (passing through a preamp and amp system avalon U5 PA) forced me to adapt an internal preamp for an equalizer.

So, I can not do without. He certainly seemed to be a gas plant that requires time to master it, I would just say that it is comprehensive and very well thought out.