Glockenklang Onboard Preamp 2-band
Glockenklang Onboard Preamp 2-band

Onboard Preamp 2-band, Inboard bass preamp from Glockenklang.

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hillmore 01/09/2012

Glockenklang Onboard Preamp 2-band : hillmore's user review

«  Effective and balanced »

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Preamp kit for low active / passive switchable with 4 knobs:
- Volume push / pull to switch between active and passive modes,
- Balance microphones,
- Adjusting the bass (+ / - 14 dB @ 40 Hz),
- Adjusting treble active (+ / - 18 dB @ 18 KHz) and tone in liabilities.

The faders and EQ balance all have a midpoint.
The circuit is supplied fully wired and also contains an outlet for 9V battery and a female jack stétéo that establishes contact between the mass and the negative pole of the battery in the circuit when an active jack (standard mono so) is inserted.
It goes into passive mode by pulling the volume knob and the treble knob acts as a tone control.
Note: the passive mode works without the battery.


The installation takes place in two steps (mechanical and electronic) and can be complex depending on the instrument.
In my case, I installed it in an American Deluxe JB, originally equipped with a preamp with a 3-band EQ but working only asset. The metal plate supporting the knobs so this four holes, the jack is at the bottom of the body and not in the fourth hole as the JB standards.

Mechanical level, I had to enlarge the cavity for the electronics using a chisel because the circuit is soldered to the potentiometer adjustment serious. It's a bit dicey, but the result is clean if you take this step by hand with an iron fist in a velvet glove. Also note: the diameter of the threaded portion of the shaft potentiometers is significantly lower than that of holes, which really complicates the correct alignment of the potentiometers on the plate.

At electronic potentiometers are already wired and it remains to solder the power supply, microphones and jack. No particular comment with respect to the first 2 points, against the size of the jack is not suitable for me and I had to reuse the original one, taking care to identify the three solder points (there Fortunately this was a stereo jack).

The manual is reduced to a simple diagram representing the vaguely stylized circuit three-band model of the brand, and it takes a lot of logic and some technical knowledge to understand what to plug where.


Once the kit installed and the instrument plugged in, it's party time!

The equalization is perfectly balanced despite the lack of adjustment for the mediums, and one can easily get a very rich range of sounds so much the race of the potentiometers is well studied.

The volume remains the same when you switch from active mode to passive mode, and if the EQ knobs are two at noon, we realize it we switched! In liabilities, the tone control works well, but still a bit timid in the treble.

Being able to play without battery and with a good sound is a real joy!


I welcome every day for having the patience to fit my instrument of effective and balanced preamp.