Creamware Luna II
Creamware Luna II

Luna II, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Creamware.

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babaorum 10/05/2011

Creamware Luna II : babaorum's user review

«  delicate but good »

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At the time of my purchase the DSP were more with less powerful PC.
3 DSP la luna can be used with several bus I / O without pb but little effect and / or synths.
[coupled with pulsar ii for example we go to 9 dsp at all and it's comfortable enough]
It must be a PCI (not PCIe standard) for luna.


The converters are very good (comparable to RME according to some forums)
Up to version v4.5 of the software / drivers (the sfp scope) you can use it on XP, since v5.1 (full version if you have an older version) it can be used on Windows 7 (32 and 64).
The use is difficult because one must take the time to understand the use so the possibilities are flexible. It can route inputs and outputs as you want and place effects, mixer and synths. 4ms latency is possible on my PC (version 5.1 - Core i7 ASUS P6T Deluxe - 6 GB Ram - Cubase 5.5.3). Core Sonic generation has left a card XITE XITE 1D and much more powerful and PCIe (so very 'up-to-date'!) against the price by not really the same course!
When it was immersed in the sonic core card system can rarely move on so it's cool but it takes an investment of time and understanding to begin with.


There are currently easier to use, USB2 interfaces are legion. on the other hand no equivalent to the software de la luna in terms of routing options it's still huge by just against the limitation 3DSP quickly felt. We can associate three cards creamware (now sonic core) to increase the power but we DSP motherboard has the correct number of PCI slots.
Note XTC mode allows the use of plug-ins cremaware / sonic core in cubase but this mode does not work on a PC in 64-bit system unfortunately. I personally do not use the XTC mode.
I would say that this is not a map for beginners. Someone who knows well the audio will love but be careful anyway to install and the PC to be optimum.


This card is good and converters are not pale even today, against its use is difficult (and the install) and PCI are likely to disappear from the next generation of PC. So consider all this.