Creamware Luna II
Creamware Luna II

Luna II, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Creamware.

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Los Teignos 03/18/2003

Creamware Luna II : Los Teignos's user review


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- What technical specifications motivated your choice?
A friend told me this card prt in the IDE that I could redeem him OCCAZ 'if I liked. (It could not be worse than my SB Live Platinum ...). The ide of having ACCS m'intressait of DSP to the extent that he gave me a quantity of ACCS plugs homeowners. However, since I like simple music (all my projects are 12 tracks of 8) and gross dcoffrage (I'm not crazy effects excessive), the ide of the SAVE power machine did not speak more than a.
- For what purpose?
Squence MIDI / Audio Cubase SX but mainly in Reason, Acid and SoundForge.
- What is your config?
So I installed on my Athlon 1500XP/256 MB RAM / motherboard MSIK7T266Pro/HD 20 GB with two partitions. Systm is the Windows XP Pro
- Which instruments or Systmes (console, prampli, DTD ...) you use it and how connections? ...
A small console Behringer UB802.


- Installation is no problem it?
Oh no! It also limits a scandal. We must go to 15 numros sries to install the software supplied with the card. What are they afraid to Creamware? What would be the intrt to hack their drivers if you have not the map? In short, it's a crappy business perspective, and has forced me Tlcharger tens of MB on the Net (Fortunately, I have the cable) and wandering Forums to get the thing installed.
- Have you encountered any incompatibilities?
Well yes, XTC mode which allows a priori to use the plugs Creamware as simple VST Cubase is not at all developed. Not only does it crash a lot but when it works, it works only partially: in a bounce, all effects disappear in favor of a white or pink noise (I'm color blind ears). Sure, there's a trick to work around this problem (numriques outputs are pieces of the map as a source for recording), but we do not find in the manual ... And everything has to make a simple Bounce ...
- The configuration gnrale is easy?
Apart from XTC mode, the software supplied with the card (Scope) can not prs cbler virtually any source to any destination. This allows incredible flexibility but it takes you get used to knitting with the cables in order to obtain truly virtual party. In short, it's a highlight of the card but repel fans of plug & play who want to make a simple configuration of their stuff ...
- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Given the relative complexity of the thing. Still, I did consult the PDF I rcupre on the website of the publisher.


- The drivers are stable?
Yes, except for the capricious mode XTC
- Are they often put day?
Not had time to will appreciate the thing ...
- What you get lag?
7 ms without taking me on the head rglages. Lespaul on Amplitube guitar: it's all made playable. With the VSTi is nickel. Apprciable when we really knew the lentuer a SoundBlaster.
- Quality converters?
Impecable. Say anything about that.


La Luna is not without advantages: good converters, DSP, cblage virtual ... However, this is clearly not the card acqurir if, like me, it seeks above all something simple and efficient.
I saw nothing in plug Owner 'justifies the purchase over VST plug-ins and as I do not have large requirements of this ct, the DSP does not m'intressent masses. Further complicating the management Cubase me properly inflated.
The virtual cblage? It assurment an asset because it allows to connect all about anything but this has little intrt for musicians who just want to Save Guitar / bass / drums / singing to their models. And they are many!
Finally, and DCID me more than anything is that working with the Systm Creamware homeowners and plugs, I m'enchanais a system that limiting my possibilities s (not pieces made to work on my PC on my laptop since it does not have the same card and would therefore be unable to rotate the plug homeowners.)

La Luna is a good card but it is not without default. I think that you should buy it if we think to take full advantage of its possibilities. When looking just a sound card, which is my case, there are cheaper and much more simple.
Mention particulire Creamware: your system protection software MRIT a nice 0 points. I know that aid me in DCID dfaveur of your product. It's a shame, right?