Creamware Luna II
Creamware Luna II

Luna II, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Creamware.

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Dr Driller 02/05/2003

Creamware Luna II : Dr Driller's user review


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I used to mix in my 24/96 and qq virtual instruments in the studio, but the power of the DSP does not allow at the same time mixing in 24/96 and run a good synth (poison, Minimax, Vectron) with multiple-voice polyphony ...

I live runs in 44.1 or 48 000 Hz and it becomes far more Grable and it is possible to launch two synths with a number of voice polyphony correct, at the same time as the mix.

Does he have a good idea to put some ram in + DSP even just 8 mo ca'll have considerably dsengorg the PCI, the coup in thoriated can put the cards cascading creamware but already with a pulsar we get a overload of PCI ... as I intend to have another card dsp (PowerCore) I can not predict upgrade, I have yet one of the best CM (TUSL2 ASUS) and my PCI slots are in the 155 mhz overclock ..


The installation and my system is intgration ds Droulez no problem, no incompatibility setup is simple enough to not read the manual, just two hours to delve into the scope.

seems impossible to install the card if the PC is ACPI mode.

XTC mode does not work but anyway this mode sucks because you can not run the scope at the same time ..

qualques small bug deci beyond ... nothing major but it's not "pro"


Stability is not a problem, the drivers are very good, but I'm in it seems that ASIO is not the case for the drivers .. tt

Live I use the scope with a BAR and a synth in cubase I have a latency of 9 ms 48khz I do not force the DSP to keep some stability I can get a latency infrieur but I do not see the usefulness ..

I work 12 tracks I make the Rec simultaneous but just the mixdown on a single track .. it slows the system already, but that's normal because I have a DD.


I had an ISIS and an ew 24/96 TerraTec sound is much better on the creamware as the other two I had.

For 400 Euro have a exellent sound card that is worth.

However, I find trade policy creamware fairly average for the expansion of output have tt is now forced to buy the super luna rack firewire box, I AIM to choose a trivial extension with analog I / O for lowest price for SHIFT they are not free in general after buying a product was 2 / 3 MAJ free and then after finished ..

+ I prfr pay in the map a little more and have at least one + DSP, and a more complete log Ofre (not a single synth ds the basic package and fx are provided rotten, and I did not want to take the pulsar prob PCI cit above)

the day on the pulsar the ram will I probably buy it ..

Magra few dfaults I can not Spar me this card because I taste the scope is really exellent software and has a very good sound