Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCI 128
Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCI 128

Sound Blaster PCI 128, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Creative Labs.

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Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCI 128 : Anonymous 's user review

«  Obsolete, yet it still works! »

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some very good sounds. Works with any instrument with a MIDI port, as my synth. Great for someone who has no synth at the start and to get used to read the notes on staves. It is used with a PC with at least the config windows 98 SE, and if 64-bit mode for compatibility. I currently use it on my pc fixed under Windows XP Service pack 2.


On a desktop PC that is never connected to the Internet, the drivers have not changed since my stuff on that old, there is no system of regular updates.
I use most often Midisoft Recording session, recovered from a soundcard noon version dating from 1996.


If you have the system compatibility mode that are under 64-bit Windows systems, then there is no problem for XP and 7 but not easy under Vista.
I never consulted the manual, because I use Recording session for the simplest thing: creating music by pasting notes made virtual shot mouse clicks.


I use this software since October 1996. Even if we can not record with the wave, it does not mean that it is sufficient to create partoches to read the disk synth (for the sound, I use another software.) The disadvantage is that we can not print the partition. Reading is like for barrel organs, except that it is displayed in notes made and not dots and dashes.